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Posted by Chemtool Team | 11/19/2019

Find out how many companies are achieving better productivity, superior performance, longer life, and ultimately, more cost savings with NuSOL® Technologies metalworking fluid in this brief and informative video. Learn about the unique composition of the fluid, how it improves machine performance and what metals are safe to machine with it. Also hear how NuSOLTechnologies metalworking fluid prevents corrosion and how it performs in hard water. Learn about the carry-off rate and how it affects coolant consumption.

Hear how NuSOL Technologies metalworking fluid performs in hard water and how it helps keep your machines clean. Last but not least, learn how NuSOL Technologies metalworking fluid  contributes to longer system life, better productivity, superior performance and ultimately, more cost savings—not from the producer of the fluid, but from the voice of customers who have experienced the benefits of NuSOL Technologies metalworking fluid for themselves.


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