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Bactericide for Metal Cutting Fluids and Coolants

Product Description

Water dilutable soluble oil, semi-synthetic, and synthetic metal processing fluid systems are highly susceptible to the growth of bacteria.  Bacterial contamination can result in slime generation, gas formation, malodors and the reduction of drift of pH in the fluid concentrate and the working dilution.  This contamination can diminish fluid performance and system efficiency, which can increase costs, decrease tool life, reduce productivity and cause machine shut-down.  The use of Grotan, a proven high quality preservative to control biodeterioration, will help maintain product functionality and increase the life of the metal processing fluid.

Featured Benefits
  • Cost effective
  • Proven efficacy against a broad range of bacteria at recommended use level
  • More than 50 years history of use
  • Extends life of metal processing fluids
  • Easy-to-use liquid, at 0.15% (1500 ppm) concentration in end-use dilution
  • For use in individual sumps as well as large central systems
Typical Properties
Appearance Water white to pale yellow liquid, clear to slight haze
Color 2
Freezing Point -28°C (-18°F)
Odor Light amine; odorless in end-use dilution
pH Concentrate 10.8
Pounds per gallon 9.62
Refract Index 1.483
Solubility Miscible in water in all proportions; miscible in alcohol and acetone in all proportions; insoluble in ether, benzene, petroleum and chloroform
Specific Gravity, 77°F (25°C) 1.152 g/cc
Viscosity, 77°F (25°C) 275 cps

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