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Product Description

Lube Additive Syn 3 is a specially formulated performance supplement for utilization as a tank-side additive to improve the performance integrity of metalworking fluid solutions (synthetics, semi-synthetics and soluble oils). Lube Additive Syn 3 is a unique blend of additive systems which will improve the lubrication, corrosion protection capabilities and cleanliness performance of many used process fluids. When utilized with solution or emulsion based metalworking fluids (both machining/grinding and forming fluids), it will enhance system lubrication properties (both boundary and extreme pressure) leading to improved tooling performance and enhanced finishes. Lube Additive Syn 3 exhibits a low odor, is low foaming and is completely soluble in metalworking and forming fluid process fluids. It is non-staining, when used as is, on all non-ferrous metals. Lube Additive Syn 3 is designed for utilization in aqueous process systems with metalworking fluid emulsions at temperatures from ambient to 120°F (depending upon application parameters). Lube Additive Syn 3 contains no chlorine or formaldehyde releasers.

Featured Benefits
  • Compatible with nonionic and anionic emulsifier systems
  • Compatible with fluid and emulsion based synthetic, semi-synthetic and soluble oil metal process fluids
  • Low foaming under use conditions
  • Offers enhanced detergency properties for cleaner fluids
  • Safe for use on all metals: free rinsing
Typical Properties
Flash Point, COC > 220°F (COC)
Fluid Type Slightly opaque, amber fluid
pH 8.3
Pounds per gallon 9