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Product Description

Defoamer MWF EL is a concentrated, polyether based, antifoam and de-foaming agent designed for use with water-dilutable (re-circulating systems) process fluids for metals. Foam is a common problem with water-based met-alworking systems, especially in today's manufacturing world with high pres-sure systems and the increasing use of deionized/reverse osmosis process water sources for fluid make-up. Foam is an accumulation of bubbles that can displace the metalworking fluid at any location during the circulation of the fluid. This can result in decreased cooling and lubrication, malfunctioning volume sensors, fluctuating hydraulic pressures, and the inability to remove floating tramp oil from systems. Defoamer MWF EL is formulated to deal with the complexities of today's metalworking environments. Defoamer MWF EL can readily eliminate foam and the resulting negative performance aspects associated with it. It is a premium defoamer and antifoaming agent which exhibits economical use costs with a long performance life at recommended use concentrations.

Featured Benefits
  • Water-based defoamer for aqueous fluid re-circulating systems
  • Effective for synthetics, semi-synthetics, and soluble oils
  • Ideal for tank-side applications
  • Outstanding longevity with fast bubble break
  • Premium performance and economical use cost
  • Designed for both once-through and circulating systems
  • Excellent rinseability prior to plating/painting operations
Typical Properties
Appearance White and opaque fluid
Flash Point, COC >220°F (104°C)
Fluid Type Water-based, defoaming fluid
Odor Mild
pH 8
Specific Gravity, 77°F (25°C) 1
VOC 4,500