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ABC 1106


Product Description

ABC 1106 is an inhibited, concentrated liquid phosphoric acid cleaner and descaler formulated to remove rust, oil, and laser welding scale on steel products. ABC 1106 should not be used on galvanized parts, brass or copper parts. ABC 1106 is recommended for all steel parts requiring in-process rust removal, brightening or scale removal. ABC 1106 is a heavy duty parts cleaner and may be used to remove rust on painted or unpainted steel, cast iron or aluminum parts. It may be used as part of a five or seven stage wash process prior to painting or coating parts. ABC 1106 contains a high level of surfactants and may be used to clean parts with heavy oil or soil loads. It is effective in removing welding scale and slag from laser welded parts. ABC 1106 contains a rust inhibitor to prevent flash rusting on parts and equipment. It is intended for heated wash tanks at 120° to 150°F, although it may be used in soak applications at ambient temperatures.

Featured Benefits
  • Enhanced Acid Cleaning technology for removing soils and welding slag from stamped, formed and welded parts and tubing
  • Effectively removes rust and mineral deposits from tubing and parts
  • Safe for aluminum, steel, cast iron and stainless steel
  • High performance, low foam detergent package for removing oily soils in soak or spray applications
  • Excellent product for pre-paint applications
  • Corrosion inhibitor to prevent attack on base metal
  • May be used as a rust remover on most painted steel surfaces
Typical Properties
Appearance Clear, light gold liquid
Color Colorless to light yellow
Compatible Metals Stainless Steel
Compatible Metals Ferrous
Fluid Type Acid based cleaner
Foaming Characteristics Low
Freezing Point -20°F (-28.9°C)
Odor Mild
pH Approximately 0.5
Rust Protection Provides in-process corro-sion protection. For long term corrosion protection in storage or shipping, parts should be painted or an RP applied.
Specific Gravity 1.35
VOC, ASTM 1868 Nil

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