Corrosion Inhibitors
RPX 2355 B


Market Served

RPX 2355 B


Product Description

RPX 2355 B is a solvent based heavy duty rust preventative. It is formulated with the newest corrosion inhibitors to provide a sustainable, long lasting product. RPX 2355 B will provide long-term indoor corrosion protection for parts in climate controlled or uncontrolled warehouses. RPX 2355 B's thin film technology protects ferrous and non-ferrous parts in covered outdoor storage conditions. Parts shipped overseas in bags or boxes may use RPX 2355 B for protection. Removing RPX 2355 B may be easily accomplished using a 10% solution of Chemtool's Hydrosolv 57 in a 150°F spray washer. 

Featured Benefits
  • Long-term indoor corrosion protection for parts in climate controllled or uncontrolled warehouses
  • Oversea transportation protection for products shipped in bags or boxes
  • Easily removable using Chemtool's Hydrosolv 57
Typical Properties
Appearance Dark brown fluid
Flash Point 169 F (76 C)
High Humidity 600 Hours +
Odor Mild
Pounds per gallon 6.92
Salt Spray, 5% 24 Hours +
Shelf Life 2 years
Specific Gravity 0.8308
Viscosity (40°C) 3.15