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RPA 500


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RPA 500


Product Description

RPA 500 is a water dilutable corrosion inhibitor based on the select volatility of amine chemistries. RPA 500 is recommended for applications that require short-term (1-3 months) to long term (12-16 months) indoor protection of cast iron and steel alloys. RPA 500 contains no diethanolamine or nitrites. RPA 500 is an effective rust inhibitor at low concentrations. It is completely soluble in water and may be used as an in-process rust inhibitor. Due to the product's solubility, you can tailor the product's concentration to meet your protection requirements. RPA 500 forms a near imperceptible film on machine parts for excellent corrosion protection without forming a sticky residue. It is also compatible in a wide range of water hardness. The clear dilution makes it ideal choice for leak test baths.

Featured Benefits
  • Short term nondiscernible film
  • Will not leave heavy tacky residues typically associated with water based RP's
  • Low foaming for both spray and dip applications
  • Passes 10 freeze thaw cycles
  • Nitrite free

GM C-28446
Ford TOX 174072 Certified
Not compliant for California SCAQMD Rule 1144

Typical Properties
Appearance Viscous amber liquid
Compatible Metals Stainless Steel
Compatible Metals Ferrous
Fluid Type Water based
Freezing Point 32°F (0°C)
Odor Mild chemical
pH (2% dilution) 8.5
Rust Protection Indoor up to 16 months
Specific Gravity, 60°F (15.6°C) 1.03
VOC, ASTM 1868 116.0 grams/liter
Weight, lb-gal., 60°F (15.6°C) 8.58 lbs/gal.