NuSol™ Technologies

NuSol™ Technologies are formulated using a dual-blend of unique, preformed emulsions and high molecular weight, high viscosity petroleum hydrocarbon oil and surfactant technologies that possess an average particle less than the size of one micron, which provide excellent wetting, detergency and boundary lubrication. This particle size provides a very durable lubricant film, enhanced wetting and coverage, a very clean-running fluid and exceptional hard water stability. The resulting benefits include enhanced machining performance on all substrates with improved tool life and production finishes.

Benefits and Value
  • Patent-pending product results in properties impossible to achieve with traditional soluble oil, semi-synthetic or synthetic-based chemistries
  • Unsurpassed wetting ability affords significant improvements in cooling, extended tool life, and greater machining flexibility
  • Base fluids with viscosities 25x – 150x greater than typical metalworking products result in incredible film strength, increased corrosion protection, and greater load-carrying capacity between the work piece and tool interface.
  • Superior tool and grinding wheel life
  • Rejects tramp oil for cleaner, longer running fluid
  • Clean, fresh smelling environment for operator safety and acceptance
  • Lasts up to 10x longer than current coolants
  • Excellent settling of fines
  • Clean machine surfaces
  • Reduces consumption
  • Self-cleaning
  • Recyclable with exceptional corrosion protection
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NuSol Case Studies
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