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CT 3363


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CT 3363


Product Description

CT 3363 is a viscous yet completely emulsifiable drawing oil concentrate. It is very stable in hard and soft water. CT 3363 contains a chlorinated extreme pressure additive and is designed for the most severe drawing and blanking operations on cold rolled steel and stainless steel as well as non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, and aluminum. For less severe drawing or stamping requirements, CT 3363 may be diluted with any lower viscosity diluent oil such as hydraulic oil, spindle oil, EDM oil, or solvent. In heavier dilutions with water, CT 3363 is suitable for the most severe blanking, forming, stamping, and piercing operations on cold rolled, hot rolled, and stainless steels, particularly in high-speed eyelet machine stamping operations. CT 3363 may be flooded, sprayed, brushed, or roll- coated on the blanks or coil stock entering the press.

Featured Benefits
CT 3363 is may be removed from the workpiece by any usual cleaning method, alkaline or neutral detergent spray wash, biphase cleaner, solvent dip, or vapor degreaser. Residual films remaining on ferrous workpieces may be welded through without prior removal.
Typical Properties
All Metal Safe Yes
Appearance Amber oil
Compatible Metals Inconel
Compatible Metals Copper
Compatible Metals Stainless Steel
Compatible Metals Aluminum Alloys
Compatible Metals Ferrous
Compatible Metals Brass
Compatible Metals Titanium
Compatible Metals Bronze
Copper Corrosion, 2 hrs., 100°F (38°C) 2b
Falex EP Extreme Pressure Lubricity Test 4500 lbs. @ 60 lbs/inch Torque
Flash Point, COC 335°F (168.3°C)
Fluid Type Drawing lube
Machining Capabilities Heavy-Duty Stamping
Odor Sweet pleasant
pH (10% dilution) 9
Specific Gravity, 60°F (15.6°C) 1.13
Viscosity (100°F) 1400 - 1700 SUS
Weight, lb-gal., 60°F (15.6°C) 9.47 lbs/gal.

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