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Product Description

NuSOL® Alumax is a non-chlorinated technology for the machining of non-ferrous metals and exotic alloys. NuSOL Alumax is formulated for all machining operations on all metals but is specifically designed to machine today's tougher non-ferrous and aluminum alloys. NuSOL Alumax is manufactured using a proprietary blending process that incorporates many unique characteristics into the product that will promote high productivity rates and minimal downtime for the end user.

NuSOL Alumax is formulated using a blend of unique preformed emulsions that possess a very small particle size and which demonstrate outstanding boundary lubrication. This small particle size provides a very durable and uniform lubricant film, enhanced wetting and coverage, a very clean running fluid, and exceptional hard water stability for enhanced machining performance on non-ferrous and aluminum alloys. NuSOL Alumax preformed emulsions are further complemented with the presence of a surfactant package, offering enhanced boundary lubrication and fluid detergency and cleanliness.

Featured Benefits
  • Resistant to 'Monday Morning Odors.' The biostable chemistry maintains the pH eliminating objectionable odors
  • Excellent corrosion protection for all tooling, equipment, and parts
  • Exceptional lubricant film strength for increased tool life and finish on all metals
  • Extremely small particle size for superior wetting and coverage on all metals
  • Excellent hard water stability
  • High degree of cleanliness and no reportable VOCs for operator acceptance.
  • Halogen free
  • Excellent rejection of process oils and system contaminants
  • Low foaming
  • Excellent tolerance and micro-finish control at speed up to 10,000 RPM
  • Higher viscosity oils offer improved boundary lubrication without heavy oil content reducing coolant carry-off and providing a cleaner machine interior
  • High flash point oils eliminate mist and evaporation that reduces coolant cost and promotes a healthy work environment
  • Proven history of being operator safe
  • Tramp oil rejection eliminates a source for bacteria and rancid odors that reduces sump change outs, disposal costs, and machine downtime
  • Non-chlorinated
Typical Properties
All Metal Safe Yes
Appearance White, translucent emulsion
Chlorine Free Yes
Compatible Metals Aluminum Alloys
Compatible Metals Copper
Compatible Metals Titanium
Compatible Metals Bronze
Compatible Metals Inconel
Compatible Metals Brass
Fluid Type New technology metalworking fluid
High Pressure Coolant Capability Yes
Machining Capabilities Light Duty Hobbing
Machining Capabilities Tapping
Machining Capabilities Sawing
Machining Capabilities OD/ID/Centerless Grinding
Machining Capabilities Reaming
Machining Capabilities Light to Moderate-Duty Machining
Machining Capabilities Burnishing
Machining Capabilities Drilling
Odor Mild
pH (10% dilution) 9.3
Refractometer Multiplier (IFT 40-ATAGO PAL-1) 2.5
Specific Gravity, 60°F (15.6°C) 1.014