Semi-synthentic metalworking fluid
CT 116 K


Market Served

CT 116 K


Product Description

CT 116 K represents a new generation of semi-synthetic metalworking fluids based on biologically resistant components. It offers the ease of maintenance found in synthetic fluids and the lubricity and economy found in soluble oils, with exceptional corrosion and rancidity control. CT 116K is an ideal product for individual machine sump and central system applications due to its excellent rancidity control, broad use concentration range 4-10, and performance characteristics. CT 116K does not contain diethanolamine, nitrites, or phenols. It can berecycled for reuse or can be easily treated for disposal.

Featured Benefits
  • Superior hard water stability resulting in a stable micro-emulsion for better wetting, lubricity, and cleaner machine surfaces
  • Reduced consumption: A stable submicron emulsion particle size reduces usage from carry out up to 20%
  • Additive independent: No need for tank side pH buffers, emulsifiers, or costly and hazardous biocides
  • Low oil content: CT 116K has 10% oil content thereby reducing mist and oily residues on machine surfaces and windows
  • Superior rust protection
  • Mild odor
  • Excellent product for centerless grinding
  • Product of choice for machining cast iron

GM C-26166 Approved
Ford TOX 171646 Approved
Compliant for California SCAQMD Rule 1144

Typical Properties
Appearance Amber liquid
Compatible Metals Bronze
Compatible Metals Stainless Steel
Compatible Metals Brass
Compatible Metals Ferrous
Compatible Metals Copper
Compatible Metals Aluminum Alloys
Fluid Type Micro-emulsion semi-synthetic
Machining Capabilities Medium-Duty Stamping
Machining Capabilities Tapping
Machining Capabilities Sawing
Machining Capabilities OD/ID/Centerless Grinding
Machining Capabilities Reaming
Machining Capabilities Light to Moderate-Duty Machining
Machining Capabilities Roll Forming
Machining Capabilities Drilling
Odor Mild
pH (5% dilution) 9.2
Specific Gravity, 60°F (15.6°C) 1.041
VOC, ASTM 1868 67.2 grams/liter
Weight, lb-gal., 60°F (15.6°C) 8.72 lbs/gal.