Straight oil metalworking fluid
CT 8052 HS


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CT 8052 HS

Cutting Oil

Product Description

CT 8052 HS is a high performance, non-chlorinated cutting oil. CT 8052 HS has a noncorrosive high performance EP and lubricity package to provide machining capability on a multitude of metals. The use of the CT 8052 HS as both the cutting oil and lube oil assures excellent machinability and eliminates additive dilution on the cutting side.

Featured Benefits
  • Provides one product for the operation of the machine shop
  • High performance EP package provides excellent performance on a variety of metals
  • A chlorine free cutting oil
  • Will not stain non-ferrous materials
  • Can be used for machining as well as grinding
  • Contains an anti-mist additive for cleaner work environment
  • Low odor and transparent appearance provide good operator acceptanc
Typical Properties
Appearance Light amber liquid
Compatible Metals Copper
Compatible Metals Stainless Steel
Compatible Metals Ferrous
Compatible Metals Aluminum Alloys
Falex EP Extreme Pressure Lubricity Test Pass 4,500 lbs.
Film Type Oily
Flash Point, COC 330°F (166°C)
Fluid Type Straight oil, mild to moderate alkaline cleaner
Foaming Characteristics Moderate
Machining Capabilities Light to Moderate-Duty Grinding
Machining Capabilities Threading
Machining Capabilities Gun Drilling
Machining Capabilities Broaching
Machining Capabilities Light to Moderate-Duty Machining
Machining Capabilities Tapping
Odor Mild petroleum
Phosphorus Present for AW anti-wear
Rust Protection None
Sulfur Free No
Viscosity (100°F) 80 SUS
Viscosity, 104°F (40°C) 14.5 cSt
Weight, lb-gal., 60°F (15.6°C) 7.2 lbs/gal.