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Product Description

Lubricut 4215 is a light duty, synthetic coolant formulated for general roll grinding operations on ferrous alloys only. Lubricut 4215 provides an opti-mum balance of cooling, detergency, corrosion protection, and work-piece visibility for turbulent roll grinding operations.

Lubricut 4215 offers low foaming properties in most grinding operations. A special corrosion inhibitor blend offers excellent protection against corrosion and staining of grey iron, cast iron, and ferrous alloys and for freshly ground ferrous surfaces. Lubricut 4215 is stable in both hard and soft water. Lubricut 4215 comes packaged as a highly concentrated form.

Lubricut 4215 does not leave a sticky or tacky residue on machined surfaces. The residue is very ?uid-like and will not gum up ways or stick switches. Lubricut 4215 readily rejects most tramp oils, which may be easily removed with standard skimmers and other removal systems. Lubricut 4215 contains no triazine biocides. Lubricut 4215 can also be utilized as a leak detection or non-destructive test ?uid for ferrous metals or ferrous alloy assemblies. Lubricut 4215 is also available in a blue version. For operations requiring additional alkalinity or enhanced corrosion protection, Lubricut 4125-M is recommended.

Featured Benefits
  • True solution chemistry and low foaming properties assure clean, clear work piece visibility.
  • Imperceptible thin ?lm corrosion preventative provides excellent tack free in process rust protection
  • Exceptional hard water stability keeps windows clean and grinding wheels free from buildup
  • Additive Independent: No need for tank side pH buffers, emulsi?ers, or costly and hazardous biocide
  • Oil rejecting properties keep the sump clean and free of odor causing bacteria and fungus
  • Low to non-foaming use dilutions
  • Contains no Triazine or Formaldehyde releasers
Typical Properties
All Metal Safe No
Appearance Clear liquid or blue
Compatible Metals Bronze
Compatible Metals Stainless Steel
Compatible Metals Brass
Compatible Metals Ferrous
Compatible Metals Copper
Compatible Metals Titanium
Fluid Type Synthetic
Formaldehyde Free Yes
Freezing Point 32°F (0°C)
Machining Capabilities OD/ID/Centerless Grinding
Odor Mild chemical
pH (5% dilution) 9.6
pH Concentrate 10.18
Refractometer Multiplier (IFT 40-ATAGO PAL-1) 2.7
Specific Gravity, 60°F (15.6°C) 1.076
Triazine Free Yes
Weight, lb-gal., 60°F (15.6°C) 8.96