HPM Specifications

What has changed?

Industrial grease continues to be a critical design component for a wide range of industrial and automotive equipment. As well as protecting the surface from wear and corrosion, correctly specified and formulated lubricating greases provide vital component durability while enabling lower energy consumption.

The NLGI licenses lubricating greases through its certification mark program, including the GC-LB performance classification for chassis lubricants (letter designation L) and wheel bearing lubricants (letter designation G). Products meeting the latest LB and GC standards are authorized to use the mark.

Improvements in materials, technologies and applications, together with precision issues with several of the ASTM D4950 tests, have led to a new set of high-performance multiuse (HPM) grease specifications.

Released in November 2020, the HPM grease specification will deliver performance improvements over the existing GC-LB specification, as well as having wider industry application.

While new HPM certified products will provide additional performance benefits, the NLGI GC-LB specification will remain; continuing to satisfy specific applications, notably in the trucking industry where they are still widely used for the chassis lubrication benefits, they deliver.

The new HPM grease specification defines the tests and limits required for greases to meet the core specification, with the inclusion of new tests, as well as stricter limits over the existing GC-LB specification.

In addition to the HPM core specification, greases can obtain certification offering enhanced levels of performance in each of the following categories:

  • Water resistance (HPM + WR)
  • Corrosion resistance (HPM + CR)
  • High load carrying capacity (HPM + HL)
  • Low temperature performance (HPM + LT) 

Depending upon the application requirement, grease marketers are able to offer greases which meet one or more specification. For example, applications requiring a standard level of performance would be marketed an HPM certified grease, while greases requiring, say, enhanced levels of water resistance and corrosion resistance would be marketed as an HPM + WR + CR certified grease.

HPM Core


Water Resistant High-Performance Multi-Use Grease
Corrosion-Resistant High-Performance Multi-Use Grease
High Load High-Performance Multi-Use Grease
Low Temperature High-Performance Multi-Use Grease

How will Chemtool bring HPM to your brand?

Upon announcement by NLGI of the new HPM specifications, Chemtool’s Technology team went to work and evaluated 15 different formulas across the new HPM Core testing protocol. The testing included greases with aluminum complex, lithium complex, polyurea and overbased calcium sulfonate thickener systems. Chemtool has evaluated these greases with the 15 required HPM Core tests as specified by NLGI and expects to offer them in February 2021 for our customers to submit for their own brands.

In parallel, Chemtool’s Technology team has also initiated work on achieving the enhanced HPM specifications with key grease formulas in our portfolio. Chemtool will rollout these enhanced formulas throughout 2021 and coordinate with our customers on how their brands can best market these products.


HPM® is a registered trademark for NLGI. To learn more, visit www.NLGI.org.


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