Aluminum Complex Grease

Aluminum complex grease is widely used in food and beverage processing plants, a food grade grease made with food grade white mineral oil or synthetic hydrocarbon. Aluminum complex greases are applicable in steel mills and mining applications because of their superior water resistance properties and higher temperature thickener.

Benefits and Value
  • High maximum operating temperature
  • Very good water resistance
  • Good corrosion protection
  • H1 food grade
  • Fair low-temperature pumpability
  • Age hardening
Aluminum Complex Applications
  • Food processing equipment as a protective anti-rust film
  • Release agent on gaskets or seals of tank enclo-sures
  • Lubricant for machine parts and equipment that may come in incidental food contact
  • Steel mills
  • Mining
  • Machinery and part lubricant
  • Cold rolling mills
  • Hot rolling table
  • Paper mills
  • Wet and dry ends