Polyurea Grease

Polyurea grease is a non-soap thickened grease that is becoming widely accepted as the best option for long life applications such as electric motor bearings, automotive and off highway constant velocity joints and seal for life applications.

Benefits and Value
  • Excellent water resistance compared to other common grease types
  • Excellent oxidation stability compared to other thickeners
  • Corrosion stability with all metals
  • Polyurea is the preferred grease type for low noise applications, due to its absence of soap thickener.
  • Excellent in wet and/or dirty environments
  • Suitable in the event of infrequent re-lubrication
  • Polyurea greases are thixotropic (shear thinning) so they have good pumpability for centralized lube systems.
  • Polyurea is more resistant to degradation by temperature and contamination than other greases.
  • Coupled with excellent oxidation stability, it is very good for long life applications.
  • Polyurea greases have considerably longer lifetimes than other greases, like lithium, and in some cases maintain their properties for up to 50% longer.
Polyurea Applications
  • Ball and roller bearings for all applications
  • Steel mill roller tracking, via a continuous lubricating system, where heat and water ingress are high
  • Automotive/off highway and other CV joints
  • Food Grade option (NSF H-2)
  • High speed fan bearings
  • High speed spindles
  • Seal-for-life applications such as electric motor bearings, steering racks and U-joints