Markets Served

Chemtool Incorporated’s key strength is the ability to invent innovative solutions that increase productivity and reduce costs in uniquely challenging situations. In the “Your Industry” section, explore the variety of industries where our custom formulations are contributing to success. We can do the same for your business. If the challenge you are facing seems unconquerable, contact us. There is no better place to start. 


Chemtool’s products provide quality solutions for many agricultural applications. Our rust preventatives and grease products have been specially formulated to provide superior anti-wear protection as well as provide excellent corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.


Lubrication provides machinery protection from the harmful effects of corrosion. Environmental regulations have changed the way we lubricate equipment. Chemtool’s products keep current with the ever-changing environmental regulations and adjust to the specific needs of the construction industry. Our goal is to be your construction partner. We will work with you in providing the best construction lubrication products available.


Chemtool’s industrial product line is built to support numerous applications and environments. Whether it be heavy, medium or light duty, hot or cold, wet or dry if you need an industrial grease, we’ve got you covered. The industrial market is the first market we began to serve, and it anchors our overall product offering. So, whether you’re a Mom & Pop, or managing your multiple sites here’s a wide variety of greases ready to keep you running.


Water-related challenges have always been a source of interest for Chemtool. Water washout, salt, and corrosion problems are familiar challenges to any grease manufacturer. We have manufactured premium grease products for water and its related issues. Our products provide superior corrosion protection and water resistance. We ran the recognized test for water resistance (ASTM D 217) and found that our products remained virtually unchanged in consistency, unlike other premium greases which tend to slump or breakdown.


It’s been a while since we used torches to light our way. Thankfully, Chemtool products have kept pace with the demanding energy technologies of our modern world. Challenging environments require products that last. Whether it’s offshore, underground or on the prairie, Chemtool offers strong products to help keep the lights on.


Chemtool’s products provide quality solutions for the automotive industry. Our metalworking, rust preventatives, and grease products have played an integral role in keeping our customers lean, safe and ahead of the curve in the automotive manufacturing process. We have many products that have gone through the PPAP process.


Chemtool provides superior products geared specifically for the steel industry. Corrosion, rust, and heat are serious concerns for any steel mill operation. Each challenge has a unique product application needed. We provide a complete solution package to our customers. Our clients rely on our products to offer solutions to their challenges.


Our first customers were heavily invested in the manufacturing of large-scale heavy mobile equipment. Semi-trucks and on highway equipment require complex greases that would protect the machinery from heat, rust, and corrosion.


Chemtool’s products provide quality solutions for many of our mining customers. Our grease products have played an integral role in keeping our customers lean, safe and ahead of the curve in their manufacturing process. Mining conditions and their related issues are some of the most severe difficulties that grease manufacturing companies face today. Dirt, moisture and extreme temperature provide unique challenges that we face every day.


Paper and pulp facilities face unique challenges in today’s marketplace. Our manufactured grease products are typically found submerged in water or at the least, extremely wet conditions. Federal, State and Local agencies demand that these facilities remain in strict compliance of their environmental regulations. We have worked with the paper and pulp manufacturers, providing them with practical solutions. Our products will play an integral role in keeping your plants clean, safe and ahead of the curve in your manufacturing process.


Chemtool provides many quality NSF Registered (H1) products to the Food & Beverage industry including lubricating greases. Our food grade products play an integral role in keeping our customers safe, lean and ahead of the curve in their manufacturing process as well as in compliance with regulators. We welcome the chance to be your partner for Food Grade products that fit your needs.