Chemtool Incorporated has provided quality solutions for the automotive industry for over 50 years. Our metalworking, rust preventatives and grease products have played an integral role in keeping our customers lean, safe and ahead of the curve in the automotive manufacturing process. We have a number of products that have gone through the PPAP process.

We work with our customers, fine tuning our fluid and grease products to meet their specific needs. For instance, one of our automotive customers was looking for a high speed quench oil in its finishing process. The goal was to quickly quench the outside of a piece, creating an extremely hard surface. However, our customer also wanted the internal makeup of the piece to have a less rigid structure, allowing for some tension to be tolerated. Because of the properties the quenching oil provided, the inside of the quenched piece was provided a slower cooling time frame. The different cooling time-frame allowed the chemical structure of the inside of the piece to take on a more malleable chemical property desired by our customer.