Chemtool offers a line of cleaners proven to be an asset with respect to removing the tenacious soils found in and on heavy duty diesel engines offered for remanufacturing. Chemtool offers heavy duty caustic cleaners (Larzip 15, Larzip 30) for the removal of baked on oily/greasy soils and corrosion found on cast iron engine blocks, bell housings, crankshafts, and heads. With the addition of concentrated additives, increased organic soil removal (detergent additive DAC 900), and paint removal (paint strip additive Elimicote Additive PR) can easily be accomplished. Burnt on carbon deposits found in turbo charger compressor housings, central housings, and back plates can be easily removed in immersion or spray applications using mildly alkaline (pH around 10) LAC 932 (spray) and LAC 945 (immersion), which are very safe and effective for use on aluminum alloys.