Private Label


Chemtool Incorporated offers a wide variety of greases and specialty products in a multitude of packaging and branding options to accommodate the needs of every customer. We offer private label products and packages in your brand name, and we also offer a slate of high-quality products that do not require high volume orders or setup time. This comprehensive product line is already packaged, in stock and ready for sale.

If you desire to increase your sales to a point which justifies the creation of your own brand, we stand ready to assist you in the transition. We have the knowledge, experience, and industry savvy to be your partner every step of the way. Your account manager is ready to work with you on which option works best for your business.


The Chemtool team has designed our product offerings to simplify product selection for our customers. We offer a wide range of products from standard products to customized, cutting-edge technology.

Grease Products

Private label grease manufacturing and packaging is what we do better than anyone. Our knowledge and experience in providing greases using our technology or our customers’ sets us apart. Our production facilities are strategically placed to provide the best support for your business, which means your customers have the products they need when they need them. We never stop improving our capabilities and quality, which you should expect from a business partner. No matter the market, the product or the package, we have your back. To learn more about how we can help you, contact your Chemtool Account Manager. Our team is standing by, but not standing still.

Specialty Products

In addition to grease products, Chemtool also offers a wide range of specialty products and fluids available in your own private label. Our line of specialty products includes cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, additives, specialty lubricants, fastener products, sealants and adhesives, and more. Your Chemtool account manager is ready to discuss our current list of available products and packages. 

Core Products

Our core products cover a wide variety of markets and opportunities to satisfy most grease applications. These products are considered “off the shelf” products and are readily available as a plug and play solution for your brand and packaging.

Made to Order Products

As the largest grease producer in North America, we have a diverse range of product formulations and technologies, including an extensive array of more specialized products. If our core products do not meet your requirements, chances are that we have a make-to-order product that does.

Custom Product Development

Chemtool has a storied history of innovative product solutions that can be custom developed to meet your specific needs. We have a world class technology team that is ready to provide solutions for you and your customers through development of a product specific to you.


Chemtool understands how important your brand is to your company and your customers. For this reason, we request that our customers be responsible for the creation of their own label artwork. We understand private labeling may be a new and exciting step for some customers, so we have a number of third-party graphic design vendors that are experienced in working with companies on graphic design and branding should you need assistance. We can also supply provide basic OSHA Globally Harmonized System (GHS) label guidelines that will be essential for creating compliant product labels for sale in the United States. The information for product compliance can be found in the product Safety Data Sheet, as supplied by your sales account manager. If requested, Chemtool can provide a generic product label with the minimum OSHA requirements as a reference. If your company would like to sell products outside of the United States and/or you have other label compliance questions, we have supplied a number of third-party companies that are very experienced in helping companies understand product label compliance requirements throughout the world. For additional questions, please work with your experienced sales account manager.


Chemtool cares about the safety of you and your customers. For this reason, Chemtool can provide SDS authoring services for your private label product when using Chemtool formulated intellectual property. This SDS will have your product name, company information and logo (if desired). Although we can create the SDS, it is up to our customers to register their product name with an emergency service organization. Resources listed below can assist with emergency services. We will provide all North American SDS’s as a standard offering, additional countries and languages can be provided at a small fee.

If Chemtool is manufacturing a customer’s intellectual property, we will require an SDS be provided to us before we can initiate manufacturing your product.