Chemtool Incorporated can offer regulatory support and guidance for SDSs, GHS labels and REACH requirements. With a team of worldwide experts in global laws, rules and regulations; Chemtool can provide regulatory support. Whether one private labels their own fluid, lubricant or grease; or purchase a finished product, Chemtool Incorporated’s experts are in-house and ready to support all regulation needs.

Safety Data Sheets

Chemtool cares about the safety of you and your customers. For this reason, Chemtool can provide SDS authoring services for your private label product when using Chemtool formulated intellectual property. This SDS will have your product name, company information and logo (if desired). Although we can create the SDS, it is up to our customers to register their product name with an emergency service organization. Resources listed below can assist with emergency services. We will provide all North American SDS’s as a standard offering, additional countries and languages can be provided at a small fee.

Labeling Compliance

Chemtool Incorporated has in-house GHS label expertise. GHS (Global Harmonized System) labels are unique depending on what part of the world your product is being sold into. As a customer, you can access this team of experts and receive label requirement guidance to ensure you are compliant with every corner of the world you may want to sell to.

Global REACH Compliance

Chemtool Incorporated ensures products comply with global REACH requirements. As a customer you gain access to our team of REACH experts which ensures you are in compliance with REACH requirements.

Regulatory Support

  • Safety Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS) in 32 languages
  • Container Labeling
  • CHIP/GHS/CLP/WHMIS Compliance
  • Shipping and transport regulations
  • REACH Only Representative Service for European imports
  • Declarations of REACH conformity
  • Product Registrations